SFW ways singles living alone can feel less lonely

SFW ways singles living alone can feel less lonely

If you’re like me, then, you probably live alone, far away from family. You are single and you barely ever meet up with your friends.

I think I stumbled on a silly way to feel less lonely during the day. I got the idea while reading up online about productivity tools for working from home.

A site called Coffitivity has ambient noise resembling the ramblings of a coffee shop. So, even when you’re home alone, working, it feels like you’re not alone.

This morning I had the background noise playing at a realistically loud volume while mopping the lounge area. It feels better than listening to music, since music usually has meaning and subliminal messages. The other negative about music, even if it is instrumental is that it arouses emotions and makes either want to jump up and dance or relax and do nothing. That’s no good for a work environment.

Another way to feel less lonely is try and socialize out in the real world. Perhaps people at public places will approach you and become friends with you.