I blocked Elon Musk, and so should you.

I blocked Elon Musk, and so should you.

It’s so ironic that Twitter pushes Elon Musk’s tweets, even though they are sworn enemies. Kinda, makes me wonder if it was all a publicity stunt to make an irrelevant social media platform relevant again. Hi

I’m so tired of Musk’s shilling and stock market and crypto manipulation. And, if you ask me, his space project is as real as Neil Armstrong walking on the moon.

I blocked Elon and his musky tweets. Only degenerates follow him and view him as their messiah.

The man ruined Bitcoin as a viable medium of exchange for people like me.

Elon Musk is a Twitter shill and he’s a fat fart 💨 anyway. So block him. He doesn’t contribute anything to society but bloated commodities.

Let’s try to relax more and keep the virtual bullshit away. No more toxic social media. No more online shills.

My twitter account and other social media accounts can be found on this about page with links if you want to follow me. I’m @GigsomeOfficial on twitter.

Here’s a nude for you, because you care about my rants, and well, freedom of speech.

Me squeezing my boobs.

Fuck censorship!