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Why I Stopped Posting Nudes on Social Media

There are many reasons. But, I’ll go through them one by one without sounding like a bitter failure.

Shadow banning

I (used to) rely on making ends meet through posting various ads on Reddit’s r/SexSells, offering sexting, private one on one camming sessions, online GFE, fetish friendly chats, nudes, videos, panties, and phone sex.

But, eversince 2020 and the total insanity and censorship. I couldn’t express even a tiny three sentence opinion without getting shadowbanned and not being able to get any eyes on my posts. Oh well, guess I don’t post on Reddit much anymore.

My clients got hit hard since 2020

They could not spend on me and my bills and expenses could not wait for them to get back on their feet

Things got really expensive

The cost of living went up double for me and my customers just would not even want to spend 11% more on video heavy sexting sessions with me, even though salaries doubled for them and they were rolling in crypto gold and hoarding Tesla and GME shares while I was struggling to pay my gym membership trying to look more desirable.

Racist moderators do not want my dark skin bracing the front page

Part of the reason I don’t enjoy posting is the blatant racism on Reddit. Mods remove why post whenever it starts rising citing vague rule breaking. It’s ok, I still know I am sexy.

Content thieves and catfishes take away my energy.

Just google my name to see how big of a problem it is, but in addition to DCMA, I’m going to start reporting them to their affiliate companies so they can stop earning an income off my name and brand.

Most models in selling subreddits took subscribers to fan sites

So, it’s dead on reddit selling subreddits. There are now only 400 people online when before there would be 1000 at the same time period. And, for whatever reason I’m just not cut out for fans sites and the simp business model.

Advertising is good business during economic hardships

I’ll be focusing on affiliate marketing myself. I think I’m just tired for now. Tired of keeping in shape. I’m one of the very few who don’t even know how to do body editing with photoshop. Fans who have seen me at the mall or pubs in real life, obviously recognized me. I’ll be around, though, not as much. I won’t be waking up for anything less than $100 sale and payment upfront. I don’t fuck with time wasters. Period.