OnlyFans Models Use This Method To Make Money
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OnlyFans Models Use This Method To Make Money

I really don’t care what happens to me, so I’m going to expose it. This scam isn’t new. It’s the old trick of the social media influencer book of share for share or (s4s).

The OnlyFans money-making method goes as follows:

  1. Get lots of fake subscribers and likes on your OnlyFans account.
  2. Join telegram groups to promote your account for share4share.
  3. Charge naive young hopefuls between $70 and $1000 for a post with their OnlyFans link on your page or a mass DM promoting them to your “fans”.
  4. Make bank on these idiots (who paid through OnlyFans tips) and use your earnings to prove with screenshots how you are in the top 1% of OnlyFas Earners.
  5. Rince them dumb asses and repeat from step 1.

It’s not a crazy conspiracy theory. It’s math not mathing, when OnlyFans models have 10 times as many subscribers as they have followers on say, instagram or twitter.

When a model has 300k likes and lives in a messy not even affording a maid, it should tell you that something is amiss.

So, the real way that Onlyfans models make money is by scamming you. You and your dreams; your desparation to make ends meet; your envy of others you see living in luxury on the intrnet – that is their gateway to success. You are a porn. You are stupid. You idiot.

You’ve decided that vanity analytics such as OnlyFans likes mean that a model is successful. You joined the promo groups on Telegram, but little did you know that it was all a scam. What business person decides to sell their client list worth millions of dollars for $6k? Well, people who have followers that don’t have actual money. And, why if you were a succesful OnlyFans model would you post every 30 seconds on Telegram for people to buy your OnlyFans promo? Don’t successful business people have holidays to go onto? Don’t they need to be shopping and google creative ways to spend their new found wealth?

Anyway, here are the sites that OnlyFans models use to get fake followers that they can use to sell fake promo on their pages full of bots. If you want to do the same, go ahead. Blackhat social media scams have been around eversince social media wanted to make a big deal out of how many followers you had.

10 Sites OnlyFans Models Use To buy Fake subscibers:

OnlyFans: My OnlyFans
  4. ACC Farm
  5. Plugviews
  7. Socialfans
  9. Fanpagelike
  10. BuyFansOnly

My source is

I obviously can’t tell you who might be scamming OnlyFans models, but just be careful about spending money on OnlyFans Promo.

The best way to make money is to screw over your collegues. But, the best way to grow your fan base is organically with consistant unique and original content on your social media platforms. And, stop looking at your analytics and focus on your bank balance.

I hope this gives you an idea on why OnlyFans might not be that lucrative. People fake their stats and income all the time.

If you are a fan, I hope this helps you understand why I am transitioning out of traditional e-girl, snapchat thot work.

Best Apps To Spoil Sugarbabies and Findoms

Best Apps To Spoil Sugarbabies and Findoms

The most important thing in a situationship online is money. And, it’s no use having all that cash in your wallet or bank account if you don’t know how to actually transfer the money it to hot models. Here are some of the many ways materialistic brats accept money from rich older men, tech millionairs and simps.

View of the best ass wit a beautiful backdrop of the sun setting on the ocean!
The best views are expensive!


Most people in America have used cashapp to send and receive money from friends, family and customers.

What makes cashapp popular among Findoms and sugardaddies is the ease of use. It’s pretty easy to simply click a cash tag and send money from the Cash App.

The only downside to using cashapp is that it’s only available to USA 🇺🇸 and UK 🇬🇧 residents. So, if you like exotic Dommes and babes abroad, you won’t be able to use it.


Venmo works almost similar to CashApp and is also only available in the US.


Lots of people hate paypal because they lost money through it due to terms of service violations or customers wanting fraudulent refunds. But, PayPal is one of the most accessible ways for sugar babies and spoiled girlfriends living abroad to get paid.

Just make sure you always pay your online girlfriend as “friends and family” and never request a refund of any kind, because when you do, you ruin it for other guys that have no choice but to find companionship abroad.


I have used Skrill to receive my OnlyFans payments but have never used it to receive money for GFE or financial domination.

Amazon Gift Cards

Millions of people get paid wages in the form of an amazon gift card everyday. It’s very common for people to accept gift cards as payment. Gift cards sent straight to email directly from Amazon is the most acceptable way to spoil a model or star.


Gift cards from Amazon are safe but it is not advisable for online thots to accept gifts from fans through Amazon because of the dangers of possibly having one’s address disclosed directly or indirectly through Amazon.

The solution to the problem of being materialistic but still wanting privacy is Throne. Throne is sort of a gift directory. Models and camgirls post links from online stores to throne where fans can contribute to buying the gifts in part or in whole.


iWantClips is a clip site with a difference. The difference is you don’t have to register to iWantClips to tip or tribute your favorite goddess or model. You simply click on the tip button on her store and tip with your credit card.

The lucky brat will keep 80% of everything you send her. You can also watch her hot exclusive videos if you buy them. It’s also nice knowing that anyone on iWantClips is age and ID verified to be who they say they are and who is depicted in their content.


Manyvids is similar to iWantClips but you would need to register before sending tips.


Fansly is the new home of many content creators but people don’t have to post content. Models are welcome to receive monetary gifts from followers. The trick is to post some text on the wall every once in a while to keep the account active. Tell your sugarbaby to register there.


OnlyFans has been rather disappointing as a platform for adult models. But, people still use OnlyFans as a way to receive tips from admirers.