Female Sexting

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I sext better than your girlfriend.

Girlfriend experience sexting
Me looking into the camera
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Me looking into the camera

I took this vid a few moments ago on my NSFW public SnapChat and decided to share here.

I really hope you enjoy my nudes. 😘

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I’ve kinda given up on live one-on-one sessions due to my ultimate slow two years. Like any business, when the customers stop coming, you close shop, because it’s too much of a liability keeping things running and sinking deeper into debt.

Debt in my case would also mean the many potential life partners I’ve been too busy to pursue or throwing away my chance at motherhood. And just spending a shit ton of money on my looks to be pretty for zero customers or customers haggling me to death.

And, don’t get me started on those OnlyFans success stories which is a load of crap. Most of the OnlyFans models have been making the bulk of their money scamming other hopeful models into giving them hundreds – if not – thousands of dollars for a promotion on their OnlyFans feed full of bought bots displaying as fans.

The one thing I took away from working in the industry is: don’t trust other models.

Anyway, rant over!

Share this post, if I should reveal the Top 5 places OnlyFans models buy fake fans.

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Here is a list of chat apps that I use almost daily to keep in touch with friends with benefits online.

  1. Telegram:Telegram is almost 100% private since you can choose whether or not people you add to your contacts can see your phone number even if they request their files data). You can also use encryption to text, phone chat and vidoe call.
  2. SnapChat: You don’t need to add a phone number to snapchat and they have instant or 24 hour disappearing messages. Adult content is allowed in private messages.
  3. Kik: Just like SnapChat, yu don’t need a phone number to register and you can delete chats after you’re done chatting to someone.
  4. Discord: Discord is also really private and you can delete your own messages if you want to. They also have voice and video calling.
  5. Skype: Skype is also private in DMs but they have suspended one of my previous accounts only because I sent all my contacts a link with info about my online availability. So, be careful and keep a list of all your contacts in case you lose them, especially if you are a model. I suggest only using Skype stictly to videocall and noting else. Hint: use https://playperminute.com.
  6. Reddit Chat and Messaging: I’m only listing this here because Reddit is adult-friendly in general.

Unfortunately, that’s all I have for you folks. Let me know in the comments section if you have experience with using other apps.

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